Hurricane Matthew Update

As the storm is already reaching the southern parts of Haiti, it is creating lots of big waves and causing the sea level to rise significantly.  As Matthew is headed straight for Jeremie, we wanted to share with you a few things that will be important as the storm moves through.

How can you help? 

Prayer is of course the first and most important way to help; asking God for his favor on the country and these precious people. 

Apart from prayer, the best and most far-reaching way to help will be to donate monetarily to allow HBM to meet the areas with the most need. Anyone wanting to help can go online and make a donation on our website by clicking here, which will allow us to buy what we need and minster to the city of Jeremie along with the HBM staff and their families.

We have a team of 7-8 people in place ready to join Mark Stockeland on a trip after the storm passes to help with the aftermath of the storm.  The team will be taking what they can for supplies with them.  Agape flights is planning a emergency flight with supplies for the missionaries which includes HBM.  We will be buying tarps, food, water purification systems and tablets along with several first aid kits for Agape to bring over.