Urgent Need - Medical Team Bound for Haiti

The news coming out of Port au Prince is beyond human comprehension. The Haiti earthquake has killed tens of thousands and millions continue to suffer from its aftermath. Food and water shortages are becoming severe. Relief efforts are being hampered by the devastating scope of the disaster and the country’s general lack of infrastructure.

In light of all the destruction, we are thankful that our emergency relief partner near Port au Prince, Mission of Hope - Haiti, is operational and serving the hurting. Its mission complex escaped serious damage and it is providing emergency medical care. However, many more medical professionals are needed to treat the staggering number of injured Haitians. 

Haiti Bible Mission may have an opportunity to provide some medical support at the Mission of Hope complex. A medical support team is scheduled to leave out of Houston, TX, at the end of January. That team has need for medical personnel who have experience in medicine, infectious diseases, emergency medical management, nursing and pharmacy. English/Creole interpreters are also needed.

Anyone with these qualifications that is interested in helping with the Haiti emergency relief efforts should contact Mike Zurn as soon as possible -

I want to thank the Haiti Bible Mission family for all your support and interest in helping a very desperate place. Many of you have committed to travel to Haiti to help the relief effort and would leave tomorrow if possible. Unfortunately, due to food and water shortages and severe logistical problems in Port au Prince, we are unable to send large groups of volunteers at this point. We are focusing on the most urgent need at this point – medical care. In the near future, Haiti Bible Mission will be organizing groups to help with the recovery process in Haiti.

God bless,
Mark Stockeland, Executive Director
Haiti Bible Mission